International Recognition - BAPETCO's Obaiyed Benfield System Project

On behalf of SPIC’s Management, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to Eng. Mustafa Shabana, Eng. Mohamed Abu Bakr and Eng, Saleh Azab on their successful accomplishment in the cleaning of BAPETCO’s Obaiyed Train Benfield system project. Due to them and their outstanding efforts we have attained international recognition and have been nominated to be one of the top five successful operations done by Shell Worldwide.
We would also like to thank Eng. Hesham Samy, Eng. Ahmed Abdel-Hay, Eng. Mohamed Younes and Eng. Mahmoud Basiouny, for their industrious efforts and valuable contribution. SPIC is honored to have such hardworking and committed people like them aboard.
And of course we wouldn’t have reached this far if it weren’t for the outstanding performance of our field staff:
1. Elshafi Abd-elatif Ibrahim
2. Wael Soliman Mohamed Fahmy
3. Mohamed Kamal El-Gedawy
4. Mohamed Fathy Ismail
5. Moustafa mohamed Fathy
6. Mohamed Fathy Abd Elkader
7. Mahdy Abd-Elkader Mahdy
8. Khaliel Abd-Elfadel Sedeek
9. Taher Mohamed Elsaeed
10. Ali Mohamed Ibrahim
11. Mahmoud Mohamed Soliman
12. Mohamed Reda Abd-Elmaksoud
13. Hesham Mansour Abd-ElAAbd-Elaziz
14. Hamada Abd-Elmohsen
15. Moustafa Elhady
16. Wael Abdallah Mohamed
17. Tamer moustafa Ewas
18. Anter Adly
19. Reda Ghonam
20. Hassan Alaa-Eldin
21. Hassan El-Hussieny Darwish
22. Hassan Serag-Eldin Hassan
23. Amr Abd-ElKhalek Kurtam
24. El-Hussien Mohamed Ahmed
25. Talaat Mohamed
26. Ahmed Kamal
27. Khaled Badawy
28. Mohamed Elsaied Eldemerdash
29. Mohamed Fouad serag Eldin

They have set a benchmark for SAPESCO and have taken our company to new heights. SPIC Management is genuinely appreciative towards them and we wish them all the best for all the projects in the years to come.