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Chemicals Services
SAPESCO Chemical Services (SCS) provides full scale chemical flooding EOR solutions including laboratory testing, site implementation, produced fluid treatment and services.
SAPESCO's specialists have thorough understanding in oil Production operations and a wide of experience in the application of chemical solutions.
Every project starts with customer's specific problem, no standard chemical products in warehouse. SAPESCO Chemical Services always aims to maximize customer's profit by offering innovative and environment friendly solutions. In the future, the world will face huge global challenges; these challenges can be grouped in two major areas: quality of life and resources, environment and climate. Dramatically rising energy demand is one of the world's most pressing challenges. On both of these areas, chemistry acts as an enabler for innovation and sustainability.
For oilfield production, SCS provides a broad range of high quality chemicals to help operators and service companies meet technical challenges. We are constantly improving the quality and reliability of our wide range of products and we strive for greater efficiency and productivity. When it comes to stimulation, production, Hydro testing, refinery, water treatment and waste oil treatment chemicals, we offers one of the most comprehensive chemical portfolios in the industry. Best-in-class well site operations are essential to maximize recovery of oil and gas reserves while minimizing the impact on the environment. Specialty chemicals that impart unique capabilities and functionality are an integral part of this goal.
By constantly improving the quality and reliability of our chemicals, we help operators and service companies keep up with the industry's overall drive for greater efficiency and productivity.
SCS is offering services using the following: