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Students & Graduates
If you are a current student, SAPESCO can provide you with valuable work experiences. We can help you build solid professional experience before you graduate. We are looking for graduates who have a vision to start a career path, graduates with innovative and fresh thinking.
SAPESCO hires recent college graduates and interns into a variety of positions; you just have to think where your skills lie and match these with what we offer. Your potential will be fully realized, your talents will be developed and your unique mindsets will have the space to create and expand.
Our full-time roles for recent graduates offer employment opportunities for individuals who are bright, innovative, committed to success and to accomplish challenging goals. A fresh graduate will enjoy a steady career path and have the opportunity to forge a unique existence in a highly dynamic work environment.
We also accept training applicants who are willing to join our challenging “SAPESCO Training Program”. In the program, we invest in trainees set of skills with a long-term oriented vision in personal development, soft skill training and technical training and assessment.