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Scale Dissolvers - Chemicals Services
SAPESCO Chemical Services - SCS provides innovative solutions for oilfield scale problems to help Oil & Gas companies meet their technical challenges.
The scale deposits can be located both downhole and in surface equipment. Often the deposits have an adverse effect on production and must be removed. The outstanding property of SAPESCO scale dissolvers is its excellent chelating dissolving power. It forms stable chelates with calcium, copper, aluminum but it has outstanding chelating power with the calcium ion and in this respect, and it surpasses all other chelating agents, such as EDTA, NTA and related compounds.
SAPESCO’s scale dissolvers blending of salts used for descaling applications. Scales/deposits should be removed to reduce pressure drop after it’s building up. It is always necessary to stop operation and proceed with chemical treatment using descaling materials.
They are especially formulated and optimized in performance by careful selection of its salt type and PH. They have the ability to complex and sequester many types of metal ions in aqueous solutions; they have been used extensively in oil and gas field treatments for scale removal. They provide novel products based on a sequestrate which will chemically bind the metal into produce a water soluble complex.
Aqueous solutions of SAPESCO scale dissolvers are resistant to oxidation and reduction, even at high temperatures. It has modern property that damages the mineral surface of scale especially the hard scale to break the crystal bond forces and make the detachment step easier.
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