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Power, Petrochemical & Mining

SAPESCO provides a wide range of solutions for Power, Petrochemicals and Mining Industries through specialized teams and resources.

SAHARA Industrial Services - SIS - provides a wide range of services in construction phase and a complete set of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for new facilities or during turnaround, shut down or maintenance of existing facilities to the Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas as well as Power, Petrochemical, Refinery and Mining Markets.

In addition to Process Systems and Pipeline Services that include a variety of commissioning and pre-commissioning services, SAHARA Industrial Services provide advanced solutions for:

  - Electrical Testing for New and Existing Installations

  - Retrofit Solutions for Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems

  - Power Plant Noise Management & Gas Turbine Air Emissions Control

  - Electrical & Instrumentation E&I

  - Steam Blowing Services

  - Catalyst Loading Services

  Chemical Boil Out Services
SAPESCO with its R&D Arm SAHARA Chemical Solutions –SCS- provides full scale flooding enhanced chemical solutions including laboratory testing, site implementation, produced fluid treatment and services to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Mining Industries. SCS provides breakthrough Chemical Solutions required for production enhancement and de-scaling solutions including:

  - SAG-01© For Calcium Sulfate Scale

  - SCSR-01© For Carbonate Scale

  - SCSR-02© For Iron Sulfide & Iron Oxide Scale

  - SCSR-04© For Barite Scale

  - SCSR-07© For Vanadium pentoxide, Trabzonite & Siderite Scales
SAHARA Technical Institute - STI provides theoretical and practical training according to international standards. Courses are offered in Africa and the MENA regions with hands-on experience.