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Corporate Social Responsibility
As a successful company, SAPESCO takes its social responsibility towards the communities in which it lives and works very seriously.
SAPESCO strives to become involved in the community, while encouraging management and employees to volunteer in various "Community Empowerment" programs.
It is SAPESCO's firm belief that disadvantaged individuals will benefit most from programs which provide education, present opportunities and show direction, helping to improve individual skills and enabling them to reach their highest potential. Programs may include training in managing family finances; advising on individual rights, assisting in dealing with bureaucracy and legal issues and equipping people to deal with the rigors, trials and tribulations of daily life.
Staff members are encouraged to volunteer, offering their time and expertise to all levels of the community. For example; helping families to manage their budget, supporting woman to return to the workforce, volunteering in Citizen Rights Centers and working with children to raise their social consciousness in programs on the theme of "Me, My family and Community."
SAPESCO's Community Empowerment initiative is based on the following principles:
- To create a connection between the needs of the community and our business philosophy.
- To show leadership in business and in the community.
- To encourage every individual to reach their unique personal potential.
- To give staff members the opportunities to contribute their own capabilities and expertise to help empower communities.
- Because of ECI's global reach, programs between ECI partners and selected non-profit organizations are tailored to local needs.
SAPESCO foundation serves the community in three aspects:
- Charity Foundations
- Surrounding Communities
- Corporate Employees
Strategic Goals of SAPESCO Charity Foundation:
- Taking an active role in developing Egyptian societies and communities.
- Enhancing SAPESCO's image as a corporate with a sense of responsibility towards the community.
In a span of ten years, we have served the following societal needs:
- Education.
- Religious Education.
- Health Education.
- Cooperation with other Charities.
- Social Support Efforts.
- Trips and Celebrations.
- Employment Preparation Efforts.
- Theological Seminars and National Awareness.
- Awareness Campaigns.
- Societal Development.
- Assisting Social Institutes Sports Activities.
- Youth employment.
- Youth Development and training for the labor market.
- Establishing small projects.
- Care of social marginalized groups such as women and youth.
- Noticing that these are our latest activities during the last and the actual year.