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Who We Are
Sahara Petroleum Services Company S.A.E "SAPESCO" is a regional leader with more than thirty years of experience in providing the oil and gas industry with a wide range of oilfield services using state-of-the-art techniques and proven technologies. SAPESCO is an indigenous Egyptian multi-discipline oil field solutions provider operating under global standards while continuously raising the benchmark of customer satisfaction.
SAPESCO provides a myriad of cutting edge solutions that caters to the growing demands of the industry. Our expansive presence in the MENA region and the gulf area provides a pivotal hub that ensuresan accessible, reliable and timely delivery of an unparalleled quality of services.
SAPESCO's operational bases are strategically located in Cairo, in the heart of main oil & gas fields with local support infrastructure, positioned to provide a rapid response to clients' operational requirements. 
SAPESCO's zealous commitment to excellence offers the highest caliber of human resources, carrying out the most sophisticated upstream and downstream technologies, while placing paramount emphasis on Quality, Health, Safety and the environment. SAPESCO's history reveals a continuous focus on innovation and expansion that began with the company's incorporation in 1970 providing mine clearance services to the oil and gas industry.
For thirty years, SAPESCO has provided equipment, personnel and services that support drilling, exploration and production companies to the highest standards.Today, SAPESCO offers a broad array of services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration, development and production with ongoing operations and branches covering the MENA region and the gulf area.
SAPESCO's effective and expansive existence provides localized access points that meet demanding situations with the shortest lead times.