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Pumping & Stimulation - Well Services
Well stimulation involves pumping varying volumes of specially formulated acid blends or solvent solutions into producing oil or gas formations to remove damaging materials and sediments, or to dissolve portions of the producing formation, in order to increase the production of hydrocarbons.
SWS owns a wide range of high fluid pressure pumping units fleet supported by the necessary auxiliary equipment for fluids mixing and storage capacity to carry out well stimulation treatment operations of considerable sizes, both onshore and offshore. This auxiliary equipment includes centrifugal mixing and feed pumps, acid and chemical transfer pumps, mixing and storage tanks, road transporter fluid and acid tanks. In additions to raw acid and chemical additives to tailor any formulation for different formation types treatment and damage removal.
SWS Well Stimulation operations are equally supported by a properly documented data acquisition system to record different job parameters for our customer's operations tracking and job evaluation convenience. SWS believes that without well maintained equipment SAPESCO will not be able to provide its customers with the reliable, high-quality level of service they expect . This is why a periodical 'Preventive Maintenance' program is strictly followed in order to extend the useful life of SWS equipment fleets. This commitment to maintenance is a major component in our company policy.
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