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Copying & Reformatting - Exploration Services
SES Personnel has extensive experience in Copying and Reformatting Services. SES possesses the technique of reading old problematic tapes such as Skewed or Sticky Tapes. SES can compact several Input Tapes into One Output Tape especially Old Data with low recording densities and Output at high density.
SES division also owns a diversified Type of Tape Drives supporting a large of media. SES can compact all data on old media with low capacity into a new modern media with very high capacity. SES hires personnel with broad experiences in Seismic processing and Acquisition who worked for G.S.I and PGS are in charge of client's data to ensure a professional performance and service.
SAPESCO has diverse types of tape drives that support the following media:
- Half inch Seismic Tapes (all types)
- 3590 Cartridges - Standard - 10.0 G.B.
- 3590E Cartridges - Compressed - 20 G.B
- DLT Cartridges - 4000, 7000 & 8000
- Half inch Well Logs (all types)
- 3480 Cartridges
- 3490 Cartridges
- 3490E Cartridges
- 3592 Cartridges
- 8MM. Cassettes
- 4MM. Cassettes
- SDLT 320
- SDLT 600
- LTO (1, 2, 3)
- DVD​
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