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Storage - Exploration Services
SES possesses extensive experience in Magnetic Tape Storage, Storing rock samples and Reproduction storage; being in this business for years SES has acquired a professional standard of services.
The following services are availed:
- Computer database management for data according to Client's specification in which Client can retrieve any item
- Coding of all Client data which to be stored
- Logging in & logging out of data
- Updating data base on routine basis
- Periodic cleaning of magnetic tapes and retentioning
- Periodic checking of magnetic tapes for media life (Tape Q.C.)
- Tape Dump to identify unknown tapes
Storage of all types of Rock Samples such as (Wet, Core, Dry, etc...), covering the following services:
- Storing rock samples including cuttings, cores and side wall samples
- Managing (sorting, packing & storing) received samples from the field
- Display required material for investigation
- Provide all the necessary services required for handling, storing & documentation
- Provide all the necessary services required during and beyond the working hours with short notice
- Provide up-dated document for the stored material in quarterly basis (paper & digital electronic copy
Storage of all types of Reproduction such as (Seismic Sections, Well Logs, Maps, etc...), covering the following services:
- Paper Well Log Reproduction
- Paper Map Reproduction
- Paper Seismic Section Reproduction
- Sepia Well Log Reproduction
- Sepia Map Reproduction
- Sepia Seismic Section Reproduction
- Documents Reports for well data
- Documents Reports for Seismic Survey Observer reports
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