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Coring - Tools Services
STS Coring equipment is technically supported by COREPRO International, which acquires a wealth of experience of operation in remote areas.
STS coring operations have been successfully conducted in areas where logistics are difficult and we have demonstrated the ability to efficiently maintain proper equipment levels even in critical unpredicted periods of coring program change. Experience and quality of our team players are the key to our success and an integral part of a continuing development program, in addition to the unique mastering of performing the following:
- Heavy Duty Barrel Conversions
- Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Inner tubes (GRP)
- Long Barrel Coring.
- Other coring systems are available on special order.
STS recognized that poor coring processes; from down hole, to the surface including the transportation, to the laboratory, could result in severe core damage, impeding accurate and reliable analysis. Half Moon tubes are longitudinally pre-cut inner tubes which will allow an immediate but harmless look at the core as it reaches surface. The geologist is able to easily make core description and select samples. Additional data acquisition can be performed before core packaging. STS onsite personnel are well educated to deliver a quality core.
STS Core Project Specialists have the right academic background and training to ensure that our formation evaluation sampling procedures are conducted and delivered with the highest standard of care, safety and efficiency.​
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