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Tubular Handling Services - Tools Services
STS is experienced in running a full range of Tubing and Casing services including but not limited to Chrome Completions. All services are performed using Mark Free Dies and Computer Analysis Systems.
- Casing Tongs
- Tubing Tongs
- Non-Marking System
- Slips and Elevators
- Tubular Protectors
- Stabbing Guides
- Hydraulic Power Units
- Automatic Dope Diffuser
- Pick-up and Lay-Down Machine
- Bucking Services
STS hydraulic power tongs are engineered for any operational demands encountered during use. Hydraulic power tongs are available with Free-Floating Backups to minimize pipe bending.
Casing Tongs
Designs are available to deal with high-torque casing, lightweight casing and for continuous output torque.
Tubing Tongs
Designed for rugged use and reliable performance, even at the higher torque required breaking premium connections, our variable speeds & sealed planetary gear transmission assure operator dependability. Size ranges available to meet customer casing and tubing needs.
Non-Marking System
STS offers products and services for critical strings, including premium connections and corrosion resistant alloys (CRA), helping to eliminate potential problems, before they turn into costly failures. From special gripping systems for minimal joint marking to computerize monitoring systems, our experienced service personnel run customer completions with care and precision.
Non-marking Systems are specially designed jaws with uniquely constructed inserts (wraparound or grit face), replacing conventional metal tong dies. These jaws provide a uniform gripping force that leaves no die marks on the tubular.
Slips and Elevators
STS offers the best sources for specialty tools to handle customer tubular products. All are designed to expedite tubular running in a safe and cost efficient manner. STS offers quality rotary Hand slips and Bowl slips that are available in sizes ranging from 2 3/8" to 31”.
STS offers center latch; side door elevators models and spider slips & elevators, Flush mounted spiders (FMS) and power slips in a variety of latch types, inserts type and slip assembly’s to meet customer's requirements for size ranging 2 3/8” to 24”.
Tubular Protectors
With the full range of cleaning and inspection that is performed on all tubular to ensure reliable products, it is only convenient to protect tubulars during handling.
For that, STS provides a full range of protectors for all customers' tubular needs including, but not limited to:
- Thread protectors that are field proven and rugged for use on casing and tubing.
- Inflatable Stand protectors that protect tubing or casing while made up in stands of doubles or triples for sizes ranging from 3.5" to 24".
Stabbing Guides
STS stabbing guides minimize metal-on-metal shock during connection makeup of tubing or casing, which can cause major damage to a box or pin threads.
Stabbing guides also maximize pipe-handling safety for drilling floor personnel and allow pipe joints to come together faster, with less thread-related downtime.
Hydraulic Power Units
STS Power Units for Tubular Services are custom – built and certified to the highest industry safety standards. Every unit is self – contained, compact and designed for use in either onshore or offshore environments. With a proven history of success in the field, power units offer the ultimate flexibility.
Once installed, an electric power unit requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for long – term installation in any location, regardless of the environment.
Hydraulic Power Units are easy to transport and maximize use of existing space. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance and labor to install and maintain optimum hydraulic oil temperatures for safety.
Automatic Dope Diffuser
STS offers advanced technology to correctly and efficiently apply a determined weight of grease onto a threaded joint before assembly.
The Dope Diffuser Machine is a mechanical pneumatically driven device which provides a measured quantity of compound that is to be applied on the box thread of well pipes.
The Dope Diffuser may be used on the rig floor as well as in the workshop. In both cases the Dope Diffuser is the correct way to manage thread compounds.
Pick-Up & Lay-Down Machine
STS is maintaining a complete inventory of tubular handling tools for any size, type or length. This broad array of equipment supports our service work everywhere. The combination of tools and a professional service team assures the quality of service job every time. Our tubular handling equipment, services, and systems are designed to reduce job time, minimize pipe and thread damage, reduce personnel fatigue, and increase safety.
The Pick-Up & Lay-Down machine allows the transport of pipe up to 26" in diameter from the rack to the rig floor, both onshore and offshore. The pipe is secured at all times and therefore there is no pipe damage and is very time efficient.
Bucking Services
Conventional systems for coupling applications are slow and inaccurate, and their rejection rates can reach 70% or more. STS uses complete line of custom designed Precision Bucking systems, which sets new standards for the industry. These standards include solutions ranging from semi-automated units for the field to fully automated systems that control every aspect of pipe and coupling handling.​
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