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Downhole Pressure Gauges - Measurement Services
SAPESCO has developed downhole measurement services, offering our clients the most up to date technology supported by highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment to optimize production and eliminate downhole problems. SMS possesses the most up to date techniques supported by highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment.
Pressure and Temperature Gauges
- High storage capacity up to 2,000,000 data points
- For DST Application H2S & CO2 resistance
- Used as Memory & SRO Mode
- High Temperature & Pressure
Permanent & Retrievable Reservoir Monitoring Gauges (PRM)
SAPESCO had an alliance specialized in providing the oilfield industry with high quality data to monitor well Performance and diagnose potential problems. Spartek Systems can provide cost effective solutions for clients' Real Time Permanent Monitoring needs.
SPSROTM Permanent Monitoring
Permanent downhole measurement technology is a common component of conventional well completions. The system consists of one or more downhole sensors used to measure, record, and transmit pressure and temperature data to determine reservoir performance.
- Retrievable sensors utilizing permanent infrastructure
- TEC connection integrity test prior to RIH
- Conduits for additional control lines/cables
- Instrumentation in produced fluid stream
- Single & multiple pocket mandrels.
- Stand-alone, SCADA tie-in
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