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Perforation - Measurement Services
For safety, precision and results, Perforating Solutions from SMS encompasses the industry's leading technologies, tools and techniques for critical perforation operations. With an unequalled success and safety record, SMS continues to develop and introduce new and innovative products for tubing conveyed and wireline perforating.
TCP (Tubing Conveyed Perforation)
TCP consists of string gun and spacers with selected accessories that run at the end of testing or completion string and the main benefits are:
- Proven performance in highly deviated or horizontal wells
- Accurate gun positioning in the selected pay zone
- Controlled well condition assuring safety
- Significantly reduce completion time
- Perforating and testing in one trip
Wire Line (Casing Guns and Through Tubing)
Large-diameter steel carriers casing gun are able to transport large charges downhole and provide perforation with deep penetration or big entry holes. ​
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