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Mechanical - Measurement Services
SMS provides tools and services to deploy plugs and packers using Electric line, Slickline or Coiled Tubing. SMS deploys eSurface le. Surface co completion and Service tools including plugs and packers, from different manufacturers. A variety of mechanical services are provided for various sizes of casing, tubing and through tubing plug back operations.
Setting Plugs/Packers
Setting plugs/Packers are for isolation and testing. The packer is used to seal off the fluid above where it is set in the casing.
Dump Bailers
A wireline or slick line tool that is used to place small volumes of cement slurry, or similar material in a wellbore. Typically, the slurry is placed on a plug or similar device that provides a stable platform for the low-volume cement plug.
Through Tubing Bridge Plug
A downhole tool that is located and set to isolate the lower part of the wellbore. Bridge plugs may be permanent or retrievable, enabling the lower wellbore to be permanently sealed from production or temporarily isolated from a treatment conducted on an upper zone.​
Junk Basket/ Gauge Ring
Junk basket/Gauge ring is a tool into the wellbore to retrieve junk from the bottom of the hole prior to running tubing.
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