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Slickline - Measurement Services
SMS provides complete range of slickline intervention services backed-up by industry-recognized training and quality programs to ensure the highest level of personnel competency. Slickline units and cables are available in a range of styles to meet customers’ needs, including Zone II rated units.
Specialist units such as heavy duty fishing units are also available.
SAPESCO is providing slickline services in Egypt, Lybia and Saudi Arabia markets, relying on its professional team and complying to the highest international standards.
- Installing and pulling of check valves and isolating plugs (Baker, Otis).
- Installing memory gauges for pressure survey (all Baker & Otis nipples).
- Indicating top of fish for lost equipment/tools inside the well completion string.
- Installing the back pressure valve to secure wells during move.
- Managing selective completion (all Otis & Baker S.S.D. sizes).
- Tubing punching for well killing operations.
- Gauge cutters & dummy runs operations.
- Running and pulling of jet pumps.
- All W/L possible fishing operations.
- Well swabbing.
SMS provides expert fishing services utilizing experienced fishing supervisors and specialist heavy duty fishing units which in addition to 0.125” slickline, have braided line cables ranging from 3/16” to 5/16” in size. Complete fishing tool sets are available including spring jars, hydro-mechanical jars, and accelerators. Specialized fishing tools can be built for any application.​
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